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About Us

Our Philosophy:

  Our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with healthy pets and the knowledge to keep those pets healthy. We sell fish, plants, and invertebrates from around the world, including the common species and the not so common. Our breeding facilities are now beginning to produce more of the rarer types of fish and invertebrates and will continue to grow in size to accomplish our goals. Many of our reptiles are bred in captivity, thereby, easing the pressure on native populations. During the spring and summer months, we also sell baby chicks, ducklings, and turkeys for the homestead, 4-H projects, or just pets. Most of these breeds are on the endangered or watch lists. Our breeding facility at Winserf Farms is now beginning to produce some of these chicks. We appreciate the support we have received in the past and invite you to join us in an exciting future.

Our Employees:

Rich Serfass - Karen Serfass
  They have been owners of Moby Dick Pet Store, Inc. since its inception in 1983. What started out with a small portion of the building has now expanded to utilize the whole 3200 sq. ft. Rich has worked in the pet industry for over 40 years, including importing and exporting, wholesaling, manufacturing, retailing and breeding fish, birds, and reptiles.  Karens background has been in the accounting field, but has extensive experience in breeding and showing dogs (Samoyeds), including two american champions. After almost 19 years of running Moby Dick's, Rich and Karen moved to Michigans Upper Peninsula. They currently operate Winserf Farms, specializing in heritage poultry, trees, shrubs, and a fish breeding facility. They are still involved in Moby Dick's, but have turned over the day to day operations to Rich's brother Gary.

Gary Serfass
  Gary is Rich's younger brother.  He has been involed in the pet business since his teenage years and has been at Moby Dick's since 1999. Gary is the General Manager and oversees the day to day operations.
 Amber is Moby Dick's Freshwater Department Manager. Her duties include the purchasing of freshwater fish, plants, and invertebrates. She is also responsible for the maintenance of our freshwater facilities.  She has been with us since 1995.