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We Have one of the largest selections of saltwater livestock in the state, including a large variety of fish, inverts, and coral.

With over 3000 gallons of saltwater livestock, we carry a wide range of corals such as; soft corals, leathers, mushrooms, gorgonians, large polyp stoney, small polyp stoney, and frags.

We can also help you with all of your "cleaner crew" needs for a natural maintenance. We offer a variety of snails, hermits crabs, urchins, and shrimp.

Our fish systems are maintained at a specific gravity of 1.018- 1.020 with added copper and large U.V. sterilizers.

Our inverts, reefs, and live rock tanks are maintained at a specific gravity of 1.023 and we use Reef Crystal salt for our water changes.

*Saltwater livestock is NOT guaranteed. Please contact a sales rep. if livestock has died within 24 hours.