Excellent Aquarium Maintenance Solutions

At Moby Dick Pet Store, we don’t only sell animals and pet care products. We also provide aquarium maintenance for our clients in Oakland County and nearby areas.

Let us help you keep a clean and safe environment for your pets. For inquiries about pricing and scheduling, feel free to get in touch with our staff today. We can perform different services to cater to our customers’ varying needs and budget.

Normal Maintenance Service

  • Scrubbing and removing of algae
  • Vacuum substrate
  • 30% water change
  • Vacuuming of substrate
  • Removal or replacement of filter media
  • Testing of aquarium water quality
  • Cleaning of protein skimmer
  • Visual inspection for pumps, power heads, heaters, and other plumbing systems
  • Cleaning of glass and acrylic covers and surfaces

Tank Solutions

  • Fish and coral disease treatment
  • Removal and replacement of bulbs
  • Tank moves
  • Tank setup
  • Vacation feeding

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