Your Local Pet Experts at Your Service

At Moby Dick Pet Store in Waterford, MI, our team is proudly made up of knowledgeable animal professionals. Whether you need help with selecting the right pet or you have questions about raising them, we have you covered. Browse our website to learn more about our friendly staff.


Justin is the owner and General Manager of Moby Dick. He originally started at the store in 2002 and has worked in every department, including servicing. In 2022, Justin and his wife purchased Moby Dick to maintain its legacy and continue a major staple of Waterford, which has been around since the 1970’s. Justin has multiple saltwater aquariums at home, where he grows out coral for the store. When Justin isn’t at the store, he enjoys traveling internationally, snorkeling and playing ice hockey.


Dan is the Freshwater Manager and has worked at Moby Dick for over 10 years. While specializing in freshwater Dan is really an expert with every type of animal we carry and more. Dan’s favorite freshwater fish is an Oscar. When Dan isn’t at the store he enjoys camping and fishing.


Ryan is the Assistant Manager and has been at Moby Dick for over 10 years. Ryan was previously the Reptile Manager but really excels in any department at the store. His favorite animal we carry is a White’s tree frog. When Ryan isn’t at the store he spends as much time as he can, riding his bike both on and off road.


Phil is the Saltwater Manager and has been at Moby Dick for over 15 years. Phil has previously been our Service Manager so he does a phenomenal job of ensuring our saltwater systems are very well maintained. Phil’s favorite part of his department is the coral as it is ever changing and we are always exploring what new things we can grow at the store. When Phil isn’t at work he tries to vacation as much as possible so he can go snorkeling.


Hannah is the Reptile Manager and has been at Moby Dick for over 4 years. Hannah excels in making sure all of our reptiles and amphibians receive the upmost care and go to the best homes. Hannah’s favorite animal we have is a leopard gecko and she is sure to make sure we have many different varieties of them. When Hannah isn’t at work she enjoys playing video games.


Brandon is the Service Manager and has been at Moby Dick for over 2 years. Brandon has to be an expert in all areas as he never knows what the next customer is going to bring him. Since he doesn’t work in the store very often he has reptiles and both freshwater and saltwater tanks at home. When Brandon isn’t at work he enjoys spending time outside gardening as well as playing video games.


Dave is the Dry Good Manager and has been at Moby Dick for over 10 years but has spent even more time than that in the pet industry. This long-term experience with both retailers and wholesalers has made Dave an expert on making sure our shelves have the best products on them. While Dave doesn’t work directly with the animals Dave has many reptiles and freshwater tanks at home. When Dave isn’t at work he enjoys playing video games and fishing.


Gary is the Director of Customer Relations and has been at Moby Dick for over 20 years. Gary has worked in every department here at the store but his endless knowledge of products cannot be found anywhere else. Gary loves the saltwater Foxface and Ornate Bicher. When Gary isn’t at the store he tries to spend as much time as he can, fishing or even ice fishing in the winter.

Other Appreciated Staff

Our other appreciated staff members include Bri, Caelin, Macy, Riley, Hannah, and Jessica.